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Outdoor Hot Tubs- An overview

Outdoor Hot Tubs are the best choice to end your day on a relaxing note. What could be more good than a dip in a hot tub? If you are considering having one for your yard but cannot decide. Let’s delve into the details of Outdoor Hot Tub Spas, their potential benefits, and negative aspects, along with a few tips for their maintenance.

Outdoor Hot tub setup

Types of Outdoor Hot Tubs

Generally, the following three types come under the umbrella of Outdoor Hot Tub Spas.

Above-ground Hot Tubs

Above-ground hot tubs are available in various designs and sizes and are much less expensive than in-ground tubs. They can be placed anywhere in the outdoor space where you have electrical hard-wiring or access to an electrical outlet. 

These massaging jets create a therapeutic experience with ergonomic designs by giving hydrotherapy. Moreover, they come with various seating options that make them more comfortable.

In-ground Hot Tubs

The in-ground Hot Tubs are custom-built into the ground. Their look is aesthetically pleasing, but they are typically the most expensive. You can pair these with an in-ground pool.

Inflatable Hot Tubs

As the name suggests, they use the shape of a tub when blown up. They are usually made of vinyl or latex. They are comparatively cheap than other hot tubs. When considering their life span, you can expect to receive around 5-7 years of its use compared to 18+ years of service from a hardshell hot tub.

Sizing Considerations

Depending upon whether you want to install an in-ground or above-ground Outdoor Hot Tub, a contractor will best guide you about its size and space. You need to tell the desired location. Mostly porch, patio, or a deck are the popular picks. After deciding the place, restrict your search to hot tubs within those dimensions.

It’s for the best if you also finalize how many people you want to accommodate in the Hot Tub Spa in your backyard when it comes to size. The range can be as few as three to as many as twelve.

Pros and Cons of an Outdoor Hot Tub


The Outdoor Hot Tubs give the following advantages.

Breathe in the Fresh Air 

After a hectic day at work, your lungs can breathe some fresh air from the comfort of your own home. Kudos to the Outdoor Hot Tub Spa that you can soak yourself in the hot, jet-infused water while spending some time in the beauty of your backyard.

Isn’t it something worth smiling about!

Also, there’s nothing to worry about regarding the weather conditions. You can access the relaxing and comfortable environment of the Hot Tub in your backyard throughout the year. 

Recreation & Entertainment

You can create an oasis for your loved ones by having an Outdoor Hot Tub Spa. Besides the hot tub, you can upgrade your backyard features by building a deck or patio. You can decorate the surroundings with trendy outdoor furniture, exterior lighting, a fire pit, etc. 

You can create an area for your family and friends and spend time with those inside the spa. Nobody would feel secluded, and the conversation will go on!

Backyard Improvement

You can make your backyard a private paradise by revamping your backyard and adding a Hot Tub Spa. After finalizing your hot tub placement location, consider landscape design, patio and deck, flowers, and greenery. You will start loving your backyard all over again.

If you consider installing the Outdoor Hot Tub away from your home, you can include a stone pathway to provide a trail to and from your home. Also, by adding some pot lights throughout the walkway and exterior of the Hot Tub, you will give your backyard the transformation that it deserves.


Apart from these commendable features, the Outdoor Hot Tub Spa has another side of the picture, having some disadvantages. The disadvantages are as follows.

High Maintenance Cost

If you think that the only money you need is installing an Outdoor Hot Tub, you don’t need to worry about anything else. You need to come out of this bubble because after installation. There are different expenses for cleaning, chemicals, heating, etc. Moreover, you cannot overlook the repairing charges.

If you are an enthusiast about Hot Tubs Spa, you may be prepared to take on these expenses. But, that does not mean every potential buyer will feel the same way.

Space issues

Analyze the space requirements whenever you plan to incorporate an outdoor soaking tub in your home design. Once you make a decision on the size and layout of your Spa Tub, you can use that to determine further about its design and surrounding components.

Although you can customize your Outdoor Hot Tub Spa in your required size, they still occupy space. The area around your tub needs adequate amounts of privacy. Therefore you should not overlook the need for a certain level of seclusion.

With careful planning, you can overcome this potential obstacle.

Low Resale Value

One of the disadvantages of having an Outdoor Hot Tub is its low resale value. The average resale value hovers about 25-30% of the original value. Moreover, if the hot tub is not functional, it may cause a dent in your wallet because of the repairing costs because you cannot sell it without hauling it away.


Keep checking the following things so that your Outdoor Hot tub functions correctly.

● Keep a check on the chemical levels

● Clean the filter properly to rinse off the dirt.

● Drain your Hot Tub frequently and clean the interior using a spa cleaner.

● Remove the hot tub cover at least twice a week so that moisture does not remain accumulated.

Bottom Line

Investing in an Outdoor Spa Tub can bring a remarkable change to your life. All you need is to check the potential dents that it can cause. Otherwise, you can turn your home into a mini paradise by installing an Outdoor Hot Tub for you and your family.