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Inflatable Portable Hot Tubs

All about Inflatable Hot Tubs

Inflatable Portable Hot Tubs are the best way to let go of all the fatigue from a day’s work without being heavy on your pocket.

Scroll through the article to have know-how about these Blow-Up Hot Tubs and decide whether they are dangerous or not.

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    Inflatable Portable Hot Tub

    Inflatable Portable Hot Tubs

    The walls of an inflatable tub are filled with air to hold the heated water. From round to square or octagonal, they come in various shapes. The equipment, such as the spa pump or control box, is connected outside.

    Material Used

    Depending upon the quality and model of the product, an inflatable hot tub can be made from different materials. The walls can be lined with synthetic thermoplastic like Polyvinyl Chloride, laminated, or a drop-stitch fabric. Sometimes, frost and tear-resistant fabric with a UV protection layer is preferred.

    As the control box is connected to the outside of the blow-up tub, it should be water-resistant.

    It’s best to keep in mind that the inflatable hot tubs do not have an acrylic or fiberglass shell compared to high-quality portable spas. Hence, they are vulnerable to sharp objects like rocks, twigs even loose nails in a deck that can puncture its softshell.


    After buying an inflatable spa, the first thing you would do is to blow up the tub and its cover. In the next step, attach the external pump to the Spa. Once that’s done, fill the tub with water and heat it to your desired temperature. Don’t forget to keep the tub and components in good condition and keep the spa water clear and healthy.

    As an inflatable Hot Tub is lightweight, it does not require heavy machinery such as a crane for its placement. Therefore, setting up a Blow-Up Hot Tub is comparatively faster.

    Accessories for the inflatable tubs like a spa pump, a massage system, brackets, and LED lights vary from brand to brand, and you can also purchase any related item afterward.


    If you choose quality insulation for an Inflatable Portable Hot Tub, it will reduce the running costs. With better quality insulation, the heat loss will be less, which will help maintain the water’s temperature.

    If you want to upgrade the insulation of your inflatable Spa, you can buy insulating accessories like a heat preservation mat, spa cover, or an inflatable bladder. Using these would make a difference.

    Heating and Control Systems

     If your Blow up Hot Tub has an efficient heating and control system, the overall heating and power usage will be less. It will lower your electricity bill, and you can soak yourself in and enjoy your leisure time in the Inflatable Hot Tub without any stress of increased electricity tariff.

    Seating Accommodation

    A hardshell spa usually comes with individually molded seats. Unfortunately, this feature might not be available in your Inflatable Hot Tub. But, you can customize it with a cushioned floor and inflatable backrests. Moreover, you can buy accessories like booster seats or spa pillows to have the seating arrangement of your choice.


    If you want your Blow-Up Hot Tub to last longer, you need to keep it away from sharp objects both on and above the ground. It will protect your Spa from punctures.

    You can place your tub on a leveled surface of either tile, a wooden deck, concrete, grass, etc.

    You can use heat retention mats and floor protectors for enhanced protection, but they cannot be counted as strong and sturdy options for protecting the base of your Blow-Up Hot Spa.

    Are Blow up Hot Tubs Expensive to Run?

    hot tub running costs

    If you are thinking of investing in an inflatable spa, the overall expense of buying it will be your first concern. It’s not easy to come up with a straight answer because the budget varies according to the requirements of each individual. However, there are certain factors that you cannot rule out.

    ● What temperature should be maintained inside the Spa tub?

    ● How frequently will you use the Inflatable Hot Tub?

    ● Does the quality of your Spa tub make it long-lasting and wear-resistant?

    ● What type of surface is below your Blow-Up Hot Tub?

    Answering these questions will help you to decide whether it will be expensive in the long run or not.

    Are Inflatable Hot Tubs Dangerous?

    While thinking about an Inflatable Hot Tub, your concern might not be right if you get the outline of a flimsy structured tub that’s about to explode. But there are certain ways your 

    Blow-Up Hot Tub can pose a danger. Below are a few of them, along with the suggested remedies to avoid them

    Slipping Hot_Tub

    If the surrounding surface of your Blow-Up Hot Tub is damp, there is a high chance that you may slip and end up in hospital with a concussion. One wrong step and you might get knocked out.

    To avoid it, perform regular maintenance on your Blow-Up Hot Tubs. Besides being careful while entering and exiting the tub, it is better to have someone near or beside it if someone slips and gets injured.

     Flimsy walls

    Due to its frail build, the surrounding walls of the tub are pretty unsafe. A regular tub is sturdy enough to hold your weight. But, in the case of an inflatable one, the walls are so flimsy that a slight weight shift is enough to roll it off.

    Hence, you need to choose the location of your inflatable tub carefully and have a friend or a colleague nearby so that they might help you if something unfortunate happens.

    Electric Shock

    There are very few chances of getting an electric shock from a hot tub. There is not much to do with wires when dealing with Blow-Up Hot Tubs. Plug it into an outlet, and ensure that the electrical cord is in good condition and appropriately grounded. If you don’t wish to get zapped by a lighting blade in the middle of your relaxing time, don’t take your Hot Tub outdoors in such weather conditions.

    Bottom Line

    The Blow-Up Hot Tubs can add value to your leisure time if handled with care. Due to various features, Inflatable Hot Tubs can be considered a viable budget-friendly option for turning a hectic and tiring day into a relaxed and stress-free one.